NEW: Please help support our purchase of propertyadjacent to Sándor Sík Scout Park!

Our work reflects six decades of scouting excellence and growth. We continue to make a difference by focusing on: leadership training and education, our Hungarian heritage, cultural exchanges, scout competitions, publications & newsletters, camp site development, and coordinating our scout troops on four continents.

Donations gratefully accepted toward:

General Fund
Sándor Sík Scout Camp Property purchase
Annual Operations: The Bodnar Gábor Circle (multi-year annual donations of $1000)
Leadership Training and Development: Benedek László Circle
Sándor Sík Scout Camp development

Rebuilding of the Sík Sándor Scout Camp Assistant Officer’s Hut

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About Us

Our Mission

  1. Its primary role is to provide a stable economic basis for the long-term operation of the Hungarian Scout Association.
  2. The second purpose of the Fund is to oversee and serve as fiduciary for fund- raising activities pertaining to specific-goals, e.g., new initiatives or larger capital investments (“special-purpose funds”).

The Hungarian Scout Fund (HSF) was established by the Hungarian Scout Association in Exteris for the general aims and purposes of the Hungarian Scout Association in funding and supporting its services, activities, leadership training, camps and programs.

The HSF shall be maintained by and overseen by the HSF Trustees as set forth in the HSF by-laws.

Executive Director

Krisztina Nádas

Assistant Executive Director

László Globits


  • Imre Lendvai Lintner
    Hungarian Scout Association in Exteris, Chairman
  • Gábor Dömötör
    Hungarian Scout Association in Exteris, Vice President
  • István Tamoga
    Independent Trustee

Contact Us!

P.O. Box 771571 Lakewood,
OH 44107 USA

Donations and Bequests

A gift to the Hungarian Scout Fund is a gift to our scouts, past, current and future. We appreciate gifts of all sizes and wish to acknowledge donors for their generosity. We have developed donor recognition for all levels of gifts. With your permission, all donations over $100 will be acknowledged on the Hungarian Scout Association web site, donations of $1000 and above, will be memorialized on a donor wall displayed at Sik Sandor Scout Camp, and building donations above $5000 will be acknowledged by a plaque on the building.

All donations should be discussed with your own tax adviser. The following only offer suggestions based on the American charitable giving and tax laws and in no way render legal, accounting, or other professional services.

GIFTS FOR the Hungarians Scout Fund may be made as:

  • Cash Gifts
  • Stock Gifts
  • Life Insurance
  • Personal Property Gifts
  • Gifts of Land and Homes
  • Wills and Bequests

Cash Gifts

Gifts of cash offer a tax deduction equal to the full value of the gift. Please use the donation form to make a donation.

Stock Gifts

A gift to the Hungarian Scout Fund of publicly traded security stocks or bonds may provide an even greater tax benefit than a cash gift of equal value especially if the stock or bond has appreciated in value and may generate capital gains tax if sold.

If a donor makes a gift of an appreciated security (that has been owed for over a year) the full market value can be deducted and capital gains tax can be avoided.

Life Insurance

This is a very effective way to give a much larger gift than the expenses paid out for the gift. There are three ways to give through insurance polices; each has its own tax advantages.

  • You can name the Hungarian Scout Fund as beneficiary of an existing whole life policy; once you pass, your estate will receive a tax receipt for the amount of insurance benefit paid to the Hungarian Scout Fund.
  • You can transfer a paid up whole life policy to the Hungarian Scout Fund and receive a tax receipt for the current cash surrender value; The Hungarian Scout Fund will receive the cash surrender amount from the insurance company when it cashes in the policy.
  • You can purchase a new policy, paid in full or in monthly installments, and name the Hungarian Scout Fund as owner and beneficiary of the policy; you will receive tax receipts for the value of premiums paid in the year you pay them; the Hungarian Scout Fund will receive the value of the policy once you pass away, or less if it chooses to surrender the policy earlier.

Please note: You will receive a tax deduction, and the value of the policy will be removed from your estate for probate purposes, only if you name a charity both owner and beneficiary of the policy.

Personal & Property Gifts (Gifts in kind)

A gift to the Hungarian Scout Fund of jewelry, collections (such as stamps or coins), antiques, artwork, folk-art, vehicles, or other items of personal property may be donated. Personal property gifts that could be used for Scouting purposes, or items that are worth less than what you paid for them, can be deducted at their current fair market value. Other personal property gifts may be deducted only at their cost basis.

The market value of an in kind gift must be judged by a certified independent appraiser before a charitable tax receipt can be issued. Appraisal fees may be deducted as an expense of your charitable contribution.

Gifts of Land or Homes

A gift of property (especially if owned over a year), whether it be residential, rental, farm, commercial, or undeveloped may be donated.

Gifts of real property allow you to:

  • Avoid the capital gains tax on any appreciation in value, and
  • Receive a charitable income tax deduction based on the fair market value of the property.

Before donating any property you need to know:

  • the appraised value of the property
  • your basis and any debts or liens on the property
  • your plans for, and any family interest in, the property

Wills and Bequests

Bequests can be a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or the residual of the estate once all other needs are taken care of. 100% of the bequest will gain a charitable tax receipt for your estate.

The charitable bequest establishes a legacy after the donor’s lifetime, in a way that remains revocable at any time during their life. The charitable bequest is deductible from the estate. There are many forms a bequest to the Hungarian Scout Fund can be arranged. These include:

  1. A designated sum of money from your estate.
  2. A specifically designated item, such as stocks, property or gifts-in-kind.
  3. A designated percentage of your estate.

For donors who use living trusts instead of a will, the Hungarian Scout Fund can easily be included in those.

For those already with wills, simple changes can easily be made with a codicil which is a simple addition or amendment to an existing will.

What is the best type of donation you can make to the Hungarian Scout Fund? There is no simple answer. Each donor’s personal circumstances are different, and your current financial needs must be balanced between current assets and long term requirements. If you wish to make a Planned Gift to the Hungarian Scout Fund, please speak with a qualified professional who can help you make the best decision; please contact the Hungarian Scout Fund as well, to make sure we can help you make the best, lasting impact for the Hungarian Scout Association and its scouts.

For further information, please contact the Hungarian Scout Fund Director, Krisztina Nádas at

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Donations In Memoriam

Nothing can ever replace the loss of a friend or loved one, but we can commemorate their life with an everlasting tribute reminding us that they are not forgotten. In memoriam donations can be made in memory of a deceased family member, friend, coworker, or scout. A memorial donation is a fitting way to remember a special person while at the same time helping others.

The Hungarian Scout Fund is grateful for all memorial donations and responds by sending a letter to the deceased’s family acknowledging the donation, and by sending a tax receipt to the donor acknowledging the gift received and that notification has been sent to the deceased’s family.

Family and friends attending the funeral may be encouraged to make a donation to the Hungarian Scout Fund by including wording within a funeral notice such as:

The family would appreciate a donation to the Hungarian Scout Fund in lieu of flowers. Individuals who make a donation in memory of a loved one will be sent a receipt and an acknowledgment will be forwarded to the family of your kind wishes and remembrance.


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US donations please make check payable to Hungarian Scout Fund and mail to:

	Hungarian Scout Fund
	PO Box 771571, Lakewood, OH 44107
	Let us know this is a memorial donation.

Canadian donations, please make check payable to Rakoczi Foundation with the notation Hungarian Scout Fund, and mail to:

	Rakoczi Foundation
	Carlton Business Ctr.
	80 Carlton St. 
	Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1L6

Let us know this is a memorial donation.